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HCP-1 - Rectangle 5x9" Hot Cold Pack

Hot Cold Packs

Size: 5" x 9"

Long-lasting promotions for every industry; great for medical and sports companies.*

  • Durable vinyl nylon taffeta material
  • Silica non-toxic gel
  • Due to the uneven nature of the material, a perfect imprint is not possible.
  • Price includes 1 color imprint with printed instructions on the back
  • Stock Color: burgundy, blue
  • Custom shapes and colors available, 1500 minimum
  • Product Size: 9" x 5"
  • Imprint Area: 6" x 2.75"

  • *Available in Canada Only

    I have to thank you for the hot cold packs that I received as a promotion gift. They are absolutely indispensable for me and go with me everywhere. I have a small cooler and carry them in the cooler to use on car rides and trips. I have chronic neck, back and knee pain and I use the ice paks throughout the day. When needed I have strapped an ice pack onto my knee with a Velcro strap, even at restaurants or at the theatre. These ice paks are world travellers, accompanying me on cycling trips in Italy, Spain, Arizona and Croatia. They even came with me to Galapagos Islands. The boat crew would stash them in their freezer so I could use them any time. Aside from being indispensable, they are also indestructible. Once one fell out of my car and I accidentally drove over it. It was good as new! So thanks again for these amazing ice packs.
    -Barb G.